29.04.2013 12:44 Category: News from BORDA Germany
by Boris Lettau, BORDA Germany

First BORDA Research Forum

On April 17th, 2013, BORDA invited international experts to deepen the scientific partnerships. This first research forum took place in Bremen.

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More than 20 scientists followed the invitation of BORDA to Bremen to participate on the first BORDA Research Forum. Among them many international experts from South Africa, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The aim of the forum was a deepening of scientific partnerships, which BORDA maintains to numerous national and international research institutions. BORDA Director Stefan Reuter commented that neither the budget nor the capacity of BORDA sufficient to analyze all the data from the DEWATS projects. For this reason, BORDA always wants to be close to research institutions, which cooperate in the evaluation of the measured data.

The focus of the forum laid on the DEWATS projects. In addition to Prof. Chris Buckley from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban/South Africa, the program coordinators from the BORDA regional offices referred of their experiences with the DEWATS facilities. Furthermore Frank Fladerer, BORDA program coordinator in South East Asia, reported, in relation to the difficulties in the use of biogas in Muslim regions that Muslim clerics even promote the use of biogas by BORDA systems in South East Asia.

Following the presentations, the invited scientists and the BORDA staff from the regional offices and the Bremen headquarter made use of the opportunity to interact together in small working groups on the current related research as well as future research priorities on the DEWATS systems.

Mr. Marcelo Fernandez Lahore from the Jacobs University, Bremen moreover already made concrete idea of introducing a master program which leads to an academic BORDA course. Finally, Mr Reuter noted that the sanitary sector of international development cooperation in the past seemed less attractive and was even considered taboo in science. This has changed in recent years – not least thanks to the attention the Gates Foundation devotes to this issue.
Furthermore, all participants felt that the forum was extremely delighting, so that Mr. Reuter spoke of this year’s forum as a yearly event from now on in his closing words.