BORDA in Germany

The BORDA office in Bremen, together with the regional offices, is responsible for the supervision and administration of all projects with partner organisations, including applying and reporting to donor organisations. In addition, the coordination of all international BNS network activities is carried out from Bremen, including the introduction of new initiatives for future development.

In particular, the activities coordinated include quality management, research and development, organisation of and participation in conferences, public relations, annual partner meetings, international BNS workshops and fundraising activities with “BORDA Helps” projects.

Linking Domestic and International Experience

BORDA is part of a network of German and European research and development organisations and supports development-programme oriented research in cooperation with universities and specialist technical and trade associations.

Due to its competencies in the organisation of basic social services (with a special focus on resource protection, renewable energy, and participation processes), BORDA is today in high demand; a well-connected actor in the relevant political development sectors dialogs on local, German federal, European, and international levels. BORDA is part of several major organisations, including:

Since 2006, BORDA has been one of three European NGO members of the coordination team of the European Water Initiative (EUWI).

BORDA in Southeast Asia
BORDA in South Asia
BORDA in Southern Africa